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Monday, January 13, 2014


The first photo from my new studio!  I finished moving my stuff in and couldn’t resist taking a few test shots, even without a model. Thankfully for you, my beautiful wife will be coming home soon!

I am super awkward in front of the camera but that’s why it’s so much fun, because I’m constantly laughing at myself.  If only you could see the outtakes!

Besides having a good time with a camera it’s also very educational to do test shoots with yourself to practice lighting and posing techniques.  But I had added motivation to make this photo.  I noticed last week that a lot of male photographers have formal black and white portraits on their websites and as their profile photos on social media.  And low and behold, I also have a formal black and white portrait on my website and on social media (although in my case I converted the photo to black and white because my “colors didn’t match” according to my wife).  Well I don’t want to blend into the formal black and white crowd, so I decided to make an informal color self-portrait.

I was also motivated to make a fashion photo.  So just like everyone who steps in front of my camera, I made myself give myself my absolute best possible “fashion model look,” aka, “serious look,” aka, “pissed off look,” aka “bad ass look,” aka, “Montana look.”  Oh if only you could see the outtakes!

I topped it off with a lighting technique that I normally use for fashion beauty portraits.  Yes, beauty lighting can even make handsomely weathered old guys look 10 years younger.

Lighting technique:

All natural three light portrait for super soft beauty lighting.  All you need is two big reflectors and a window!  The first light is the backlighting from the large window in the background.  The second two lights are two 8-foot styrofoam reflectors painted white at 45 degrees in front of me on both sides just out of frame left and right.  So I was in a triangle of light with the only opening being to the lens.  Move the reflectors closer to your subject for softer light.

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