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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Elegant meets edgy.  Katie modeled all day for us yesterday at the Billings Open Studio event, and rocked several awesome Bottega outfits thanks to Janine Mix.  Everyone did a fantastic job, thank you so much!

Model: Katie Schroeder
Wardrobe: Bottega Clothing, Janine Mix

The Billings Open Studio, is a very exciting new creative space in downtown Billings that I am involved with.  We hosted an open house at the studio this weekend and it was a big success, with lots of photographers coming to check out the space and to learn from some of my favorite photographers and friends in Billings.  The BOS will provide creative studio space and photography equipment on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.  Features include a luxurious dressing room for models and private shooting areas, as well as office, conference room and display space.  The BOS will host workshops, gallery exhibitions, film screenings, exclusive parties, and much more.  Our hope is that it becomes a pillar for the creative community in Billings conveniently located in the heart of downtown.

Lighting Technique:
This photo is lit with two lights.  The main light is a large octabox directly to Katie’s left on a few feet away, creating the Rembrandt lighting on her face and body.  The light has to be close to the model so that the soft light will have a nice fall off, creating shadows even with soft light.  Using a large modifier in close like this also creates nice big catchlights in the eyes.  The second light is a beauty dish behind Katie camera left about three feet higher than her head for a hair and rim light that separates her from the background.

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