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Monday, April 2, 2012


Downtown Reflections Redo, Columbia MO

It was raining off and on all day so I decided early in the evening that I would go back downtown late at night and redo this reflection shot looking down 8th street towards the historic Tiger Hotel.  I love to look South down 8th street night or day, rain or shine.  It has a view of the Tiger Hotel, and the street dead ends right in front of the columns and Jesse Hall, the centerpiece of the University of Missouri campus.

I discovered this reflection a week and a half ago and shared this photo.  I was unhappy with that photo because my composition had the TIGER reflection slightly cut off.  So I had to go back for a redo.  Once I find a great view I like to revisit it time and time again until I perfect the composition.  This one is still a work in progress.

This is a single 30 second exposure.  I noticed a semi-truck coming up Broadway so I waited for it to chug up the hill before I started my exposure.  I took several, some with no light trails and some with bright white ones, but I liked this one best.

Photo taken March 22, 2012