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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Montana, get ready for some wedding fashion!  I recently photographed an amazing fashion editorial with Montana Bride magazine, featuring an exclusive look at some jaw dropping S/S 2015 wedding dresses that are straight off of the fall runways.  Check out the delicate details on this elegant bohemian wedding dress, Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta. We brought together an outstanding team, with styling by Katalin Green, who hooked us up with the most stunning wedding dresses that aren’t even available until spring 2015, hair and makeup by the wonderful Sydney Ross, a gifted pair of models and assistants, and so much more.  Look for the spread in Montana Bride’s 2015 issue.

Photographer: Paul Bellinger
Styling: Katalin Green
Hair and makeup: Sydney Ross
Models: Arley Knerr and Braydon Sinclair
Dress: ti adora by Alvina Valenta
Bowtie: Hitched Bowties
Suspenders: Jess Leather
Wedding band: Montague’s Jewelers 
Men’s Clothing: Jim’s Formal Wear
Stylist assistant: Brett Conner
Photo assistant: Zak Jokela
Location: Billings Open Studio

It is awesome to be a Billings Montana Wedding photographer and make amazing work with talented people such as those listed above and so many more each year.  Their talents have rubbed off on me and have made me a better photographer in the process.  I will bring those talents with me forever and that is a wonderful gift.  Thank you to everyone who has rubbed off on me this year!  www.paulbellinger.com

Monday, December 15, 2014


Love makes you feel like you are on top of the world, but trust me, there is nothing like actually being on top of the world with your love.  The high elevation can literally take your breath away and to enjoy the view with your loved ones is something special.  This is the view from nearly 11,000 feet, on the Beartooth Highway in the Beartooth mountain range looking out over the Absaroka mountain range just across the Montana border in Wyoming.  Fitting for a wedding, the wedding cake shaped peak on the right is Pilot Peak, which sits at 11,699 feet (see more about Pilot peak here).  See more from Kristen and Jake’s epic wedding here.

It is almost magical to sit on the top of one mountain range and see another mountain range at eye level.  Most people rarely, if ever, get to look a mountain in the eye, but that’s one of the perks of living so close to the national treasure that is the Beartooth Highway 212 in Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming.  This location is only about a two hour drive from downtown Billings Montana and only about 30 minutes from Red Lodge Montana.  And this is the view right on the highway at one of the many scenic pullouts.  It makes for an outstanding afternoon drive for engagement photos, honeymoon photos, or even just a joy ride with the dogs, as my wife and I often do.  In this case, Kristen and Jake were taking a mini-honeymoon in the Red Lodge area after their wedding, and decided to go exploring the Beartooth Pass with their wedding photographer. 

Tips for brides: The day after session

This type of session is called a “day after” session, or a “honeymoon” session and it is included in my most popular wedding collection.  This session includes worldwide travel so that my clients can make the most of their honeymoon travel by having an exclusive shoot with their wedding photographer in an exotic destination.  So far this year we’ve been to Vancouver, Maui, Yellowstone, Glacier, the Beartooth mountains, and many more places around Montana.  This upcoming year we already have trips on the calendar for Western Europe, Fiji, Disney World and Phoenix.  I love to travel and photograph weddings in any destination worldwide. 

Beyond allowing us to go to amazing locations with the beautiful bride and her wedding dress, the honeymoon session is also great for a couple of practical reasons.  First, it gives us more time to make creative portraits of the bride and groom alone.  Having extra time is nice because these are usually the most important portraits that will be printed and hanging as artwork in your home, so the extra time and lack of wedding day chaos enables us to make something amazing.  Second, it frees up the wedding day so that the timeline is more flexible and you can spend more time with your guests.  This is huge!  Some of your wedding guests have traveled far to spend time with you, and you don’t want your photographer to take up too much time on your wedding day.  At the same time, these are going to be your favorite portraits and you want to give your photographer enough time to work their magic.  The honeymoon session solves both problems, relieving a source of stress on the wedding day, and ensuring you receive family heirloom quality images that will be printed and hang as artwork in your home.  I highly recommend asking about a day after session before booking your wedding photographer.

I am Billings Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger, one of Montana’s most exclusive wedding photographers.  I specialize in making the wedding photos of your dreams, in any wedding destination from the beaches to the mountains.  My wedding gallery and portrait studio is located in downtown Billings Montana.   www.paulbellinger.com

Thursday, December 11, 2014


One of the best parts of my career as a wedding photographer is exploring the places that are special for my couples.  Thanks to my awesome couples I’ve been lucky to see all kinds of beautiful places across Montana and beyond.  I’ve been hearing about Hyalite Canyon (just outside of Bozeman Montana), since I moved to Montana, and Carrie and Jake were nice enough to show me their favorite parts of the park.  Hyalite Canyon has something for everyone, from rugged peaks and canyons, to streams, waterfalls, and a huge reservoir.  It’s a special place for Carrie and Jake, who visited often while in school at Montana State.  We spent the better part of an afternoon shooting in the area and admiring the beautiful scenery.  Thank you for showing me a wonderful afternoon Carrie and Jake!

Tip for brides: Engagement sessions are included with every wedding collection, along with a wedding album.  Most clients receive complimentary worldwide travel for engagement sessions, wedding days, and honeymoon sessions, and travel is always free inside of Montana.  Engagement sessions are a lot of fun, but they also play a crucial role in letting you get to know your wedding photographer and get comfortable with how your photographer works in the field.  For these reasons, I highly recommend doing your engagement session with the same photographer you'll have shooting your wedding.   

Paul Bellinger is one of Montana's most exclusive wedding photographers.  Paul specializes in making the wedding photos you’ve dreamed about.  A master of photographing any scene, Paul can go anywhere and do anything for our exclusive clientele.  There is no adventure too big or wedding too small, from the beaches to the mountains, it's our honor to photograph your wedding.  www.paulbellinger.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Every now and then I make a portrait that stops me in my tracks and reminds me of the raw power of the portrait.  This portrait of David does that for me.  David himself is a raw power hidden behind a polite, soft-spoken exterior.  But in this portrait you can see the raw power of ambition and a not so quiet confidence that lies under the surface.  That’s David.  Focused and determined, he’s an inspiration.  Congratulations on all of your accomplishments David, and thank you for spending the afternoon with me and inspiring me.

Tips for photographers: This photo is lit with window light coming through a wired window creating a unique shadow pattern.  The light source is the sun bouncing off a highly reflective glass building, so it’s very similar to direct sunlight diffused only by the window slightly.  The light pattern on David’s face is called “broad lighting” because the light is coming from the broad side of his face.  How can you tell which is the broad or short side of a face?  It has nothing to do with the actual size of the subjects face in reality, but how their face appears in the two dimensional space of a photograph.  In the photo, the camera left side of his face is the broad side because the distance between his right ear and his nose appears larger than the distance between his nose and his left ear.  The light is coming from the broad side of his face, hence “broad lighting.”  Broad lighting highlights the width of the face so it is often used to convey power, but it should not be used when the subject prefers the slimming effect of short lighting.

Billings Montana portrait photographer Paul Bellinger makes modern, stylish portraits.  Paul is available for any type of portrait session, from corporate headshots to senior portraits.  For a portrait session in Billings Montana or anywhere in the world, please visit www.portraits.paulbellinger.com

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I just found out that Arley won FIRST PLACE in swimwear at the Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency's Northwest Model Competition in Kalispell yesterday!  Congrats Arley!  I am so happy to see your handwork pay off and all of your photographer friends in Billings Montana are proud of you!!!  Keep up the good work!

I always love it when Arley stops by the portrait studio!  She’s a new model with Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency, and still developing her portfolio.  It’s inspiring to be around someone as motivated and hard working as Arley.  We had a quick test session and worked on some fashion and lingerie portraits and Arley just killed it!  I can’t wait to see where her modeling career takes her!

Lighting tips for photographers: These photos are lit with one light, a large silver bounce umbrella directly to Arley’s right and about a foot above her head height.  But just telling you where I placed my light doesn’t help much if you can’t see the light for yourself, so I will describe what it looks like.  You can determine the angle of the umbrella by looking at the angle of the shadow created by her nose.  You can also see that this angle creates nice definition on her abs.  There is also an 8 foot white reflector to her left that is filling in a little bit of the shadow details.  This reflected fill light is most noticeable on the shadow side of her hair where details are still clearly visible and on her left jaw line which is just barely visible thanks to this reflected light.  You have to look close if you want to learn to see the light.

Paul Bellinger, Billings Montana portrait photographer specializes in modern, stylish fashion portraits.  Paul is available for any type of portrait session, from corporate headshots to intimate portraits.  To book Paul Bellinger for a portrait session in Billings Montana or anywhere in the world, please visit www.portraits.paulbellinger.com

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Kalli and Bridger took us on an epic engagement session in Maui!  Kalli’s parents showed my wife and I all over Maui and made us feel right at home on the island.  We went on adventures every day, from a sunrise hike on the rugged Northeast coast to shopping at Louis Vuitton.  We spent most of our time on the Ka’anapali shores but covered three different coasts and the mountainous Iao valley interior.  The views were stunning at every turn and the food, especially the fresh fish, has my mouth watering just thinking about it.  Maui is beautiful and inspiring, but the most refreshing part of the trip was just hanging out with an awesome family that has fun everywhere they go.  Thank you to the Sizemores for sharing your vacation with us!

We did so much on this trip it almost sounds crazy in retrospect!  We went snorkeling (a lot), parasailing, a sunset cruise, a luau, a few hikes on the rugged coast, delicious meals, shopping at all of the nicest stores, and playing around on the beach/poolside all day and night!  In the midst of it all, we made some engagement artwork for Kalli and Bridger.  Stay tuned to Kalli and Bridger's website for more updates: http://www.bridgerandkalli.paulbellinger.com
Paul Bellinger is one of the most exclusive weddingphotographers in Montana.  Paul Bellinger photography specializes in making the wedding photos you’ve dreamed about.  We can do anything under the sun with a camera and are willing to go anywhere and do anything for our exclusive clientele.  There is no adventure too big or wedding too small, from the beaches to the mountains, it is our honor to photograph your wedding.  www.paulbellinger.com

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I’m testing a new camera system, the Sony A7 and here are a few of my favorites from a recent day at the ranch.  The fall colors are so pretty out here in Montana.  I am very blessed to live in such a beautiful and inspiring place with great friends that invite us to their ranch!

Why am I testing a new camera system?  I’m a very active photographer and I’m always trying to make better images, so it’s important for me to constantly test new technology that might give me even the slightest edge.  Whether it’s on a wedding day, or on a train across India, I always have my camera with me everywhere I go and never stop making photos.  This new Sony A7 camera is smaller and lighter than my current system.  I am hopeful that the A7 will become my primary travel, landscape and portrait camera, while making a nice backup for my heavier duty wedding photography gear.  Maybe one day I'll go entirely with Sony and drop all my Canon gear.

At Paul Bellinger Photography we specialize in Montana wedding photography, but we also do a lot of portrait photography, including corporate headshots, fashion portraits and editorial, senior portraits, glamour portraits, and boudoir portraits. www.paulbellinger.com

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I met Ashley and Chad last January at a bridal show and just knew they were exactly the type of couple I’d love to photograph.  After meeting a few times, several drinks, and after lots of Ashley convincing Chad, we finally shot their engagement session eight months later!  It was worth the wait!  Horses play a special part in Ashley and Chad’s romance, so of course I was willing to do an extended engagement session out on a Red Lodge ranch with their horses, even though I’m actually really scared of horses!  It was fine though, I overcame my fear of horses and we made some pretty engagement artwork that they will cherish for generations.  Thank you Ashley, Chad and Aurora for showing me a great time on the ranch!  More to come soon from this Red Lodge engagement session.

As a Montana Wedding photographer based in Billings Montana, I often find myself in the most beautiful places Montana has to offer.  From Red Lodge, to Big Sky, and all the way up to the Flathead and Glacier National Park, I photograph weddings from the streams to the mountains.  My clients have one thing in common: are not satisfied with anything short of the best wedding photography that Montana has to offer.  At Paul Bellinger photography we don’t deliver anything less than heirloom quality artwork worthy of preserving your story for generations to come. www.paulbellinger.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


At Paul Bellinger photography we take printing seriously, because it’s the only medium that is guaranteed to preserve your memories for generations.  A hard drive, or CD is not a family heirloom.  Digital is dangerous.  Drives fail, technology becomes obsolete, but prints are timeless.  That’s why we’re excited to be introducing some new print products this fall!  Featured here is a luxurious wooden folio box that is handmade in Billings Montana.  There are currently only two of these boxes in existence, and future boxes will be custom designed for each client so that you will have a truly unique family heirloom.  Inside the folio box is another new product, locally made and mounted fine art prints.  Featured here are 8x12 inch fine art prints with an additional half inch white border, mounted on rigid foam core.  The fine art print is glare free and has a texture that you will absolutely love to hold in your hand.  These types of prints are great for bridal, glamour and boudoir portraits.

This particular print is especially beautiful because it’s one of my amazing brides, Kristen!  More from that photo shoot will be coming soon.  As a Montana wedding photographer I specialize in photographing women, including bridal portraits, glamour portraits, and boudoir portraits.  I have a full service portrait studio in downtown Billings Montana.  www.paulbellinger.com

Monday, October 13, 2014


Katie and I had a ton of fun this summer in the studio!  While everyone else was sweating it out in the heat, we were shooting in the comfort of the studio.  Oh it is sweet to have a real portrait studio in downtown Billings Montana.  This is a fashion portrait from our shoot for Marcasa clothing.  I think this is Katie’s edgiest and most mature look to date, so it will be a needed addition to her model portfolio and she’ll be ready to give modeling her full attention soon.  All wardrobe and styling by Marcasa Clothing, with hair and makeup by Sydney Ross.  I always knew that Marcasa has awesome clothes, but never realized they have such a large selection of jewelry too.

I am Billings Montana portrait photographer Paul Bellinger.  I specialize in making modern, stylish portraits that never go out of fashion.  Look no further for the most exclusive portrait experience in Billings Montana.  www.paulbellinger.com