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Friday, June 10, 2016


I love working with Christine! She’s so awesome! We recently did a big fashion editorial shoot with some major brands and to get ready for the shoot we did a few test shoots to dial in the look we were trying to create. The final shoot went really well, with styling by Sydney Ross, the best hair and makeup artist in Montana by a long shot. We can’t share the editorial images until they come out in print, so until then I’ll give you a few teasers from our test shoots. Stay tuned for more!

It’s been a busy spring! I’ve launched the new headshot website www.pbheadshots.com and have been doing a lot of editorial work lately. I’m really excited to show the cover shoot I did recently with some celebrity athletes in Nebraska. While all of this is going on I’ve been designing new websites to separate the various types of photography that I do and will be rolling them out later this summer. Stay tuned for a lot of changes soon.

Tips for photographers: This is a two light portrait, with a large key light camera left to create the dramatic shadows and falloff. The second is a small beauty dish nearly on camera and set about 3 stops darker than the key for a very slight fill light. I’ve been using this setup a lot lately because of it’s simplicity and versatility. I was turned on to this type of lighting by reading books by Gregory Heisler and Dan Winters, both of whom often use a hard light source nearly on camera for fill. Check out their books for tons of amazing insights.

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