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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Yes, we can make guys look good too!  Well in this case Hector was already looking good, I just made him look like a badass!  I set up the lights for an end of the night cigar smoking celebration, and a few of the groomsmen wanted individual portraits.  Guys always like the look of this lighting because it’s what’s in all of the sports magazines.  I had a blast with these groomsmen, they really know how to have a good time!  Thank you Hector, Randy, Raul and the groom Jonovan, for letting me hang with you!

This is the Joel Grimes three light technique that is used in a lot of sports portraiture and even some in enterainment.  The dramatic side lighting is from two 24” softboxes (with one speedlight in each) behind Hector at 45 degrees and one on camera speedlight zoomed to about 85mm.  The on camera speedlight was set about 1 stop lower than the kicker lights in back.  This lighting technique also looks good on women, especially if you make the kicker lights very soft so that the highlights wrap around farther.

Thanks also to the awesome Sarah Williams for letting me tag along and break out the lights!

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