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Thursday, July 4, 2013


It's July 4th and I'm on vacation back in Omaha Nebraska hanging with my awesome family for the holiday.  Last year Nini and I were sitting on the dock of the bay watching the fireworks with my family in Bayview Texas.  We made the trip from Columbia Missouri down to Texas to find a place to live in Nacogdoches Texas, where we were hired at Stephen F. Austin State University.  One year later and I'm in Omaha while Nini stays at home with our injured and recovering pup Sala.  I'll be in Omaha for a few days before heading up to Billings Montana to once again find a place to live!  We're moving to Billings Montana and plan to stay for a long long time.  I've always wanted to live in Montana, my favorite place for summer adventures ever since I was a young kid standing in awe of Glacier National Park.  So when Nini got an offer at Montana State University Billings, we jumped.  And I jumped at the opportunity to leave academia behind to follow my passion as a fine art wedding and portrait photographer.  Now we couldn't be more excited to be moving in just a few weeks, and Paul Bellinger Montana wedding photographer is about to hit the ground running!

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