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Monday, July 15, 2013


My favorite wedding detail to shoot is the wedding rings.  I stacked Rachel's engagement ring and wedding ring on top of Ryan's wedding ring and placed them all on a rose petal from one of their reception tables.  Then I placed a pearl laden photo frame in the background to create a sparkling backdrop fit for wedding rings.  I took these wedding detail photos while the the bride and groom are eating their wedding dinner so that they can eat in privacy.  It's important to give the bride and groom some time alone throughout their wedding day so they can enjoy their own company and create their own private memories of their day.

Sarah Williams and I have really tried to step up our ring shots and at our last few weddings together we’ve been taking turns trying to outdo one another in a friendly ring shot competition.  It makes us both better and the real winner is the bride and groom because they get some amazing ring photos for their album.  Including sparkly foreground and background objects to create nice out of focus bokeh is the main technique we’ve been trying to perfect, and I dare say we’ve done it.

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