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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Pisco Sours with Sandrita

Almost everyone that travels to Peru eventually gets offered some pisco.  Pisco is a type of Brandy, made from grapes in Peru and Chile.  The "pisco sour" is the most common cocktail made using pisco.  Make a batch at home following Sandrita's age old recipe:

Fill a blender half full of crushed ice.  Add the juice from 6 small lemons and a third of a bottle of pisco (roughly 250ml.).  Add one egg white and 2/3 cup of sugar.  Blend, taste, add more pisco or ice until you get your preferred consistency.  It's common to add a bit of cinnamon to decorate the froth on each cup of pisco sour.  Serve cold!

Pisco sours are delicious!  But they tend to be much stronger than they taste, so be careful with them.  Here's a few shots of Sandrita and I's two person pisco sour party/discotheque:

Sandrita told everyone she was going out to pick up some laundry, but she had a sly look in her eye, and she returned with a bag of lemons and a bag of ice.  I knew something was up.

Sure enough, Sandrita had a surprise for me, tonight we were going to be drinking pisco sours from Sandra's famous recipe.

Cut the lemons in half and use a squeezer to extract the juice.

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