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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making Orange Beer with Cristal (not the racist kind)

Sometimes drinking in the morning is a necessity.  When morning drinking calls I usually mix a bloody mary or an orange beer.  Both are great for early morning tailgating at our beloved Nebraska Cornhusker games.  Since many don't know about orange beer, I'll fill you in.  Take a glass, fill it half full of your preferred beer and fill the rest up with orange juice.  I tend to use the beers I don't like to drink on their own, Bud Light, Busch Light, Anything light.  If my pockets are full, I'll even use my favorite beer of all time: Fat Tire.  It's not blasphemy if you follow up your orange beer with two non-orange Fat Tires to make up for disgracing the first one with orange juice.

When I tell people about orange beer they usually think I'm crazy.  Until they try it.  After giving out hundreds of orange beers at tailgates over the years no one has ever returned one, or spoken ill of orange beers again.  A few people drink only one and move on to straight beer.  But almost everyone likes it and has at least two (to finish off the beer).  It's a healthy and nutritious way to start drinking early in the morning, and that's appealing to most of the people I meet at 6 A.M. in lot 9 at Husker games.  Everyone asks what it tastes like.  It's pretty simple, it tastes like carbonated orange juice with a hint of beer (or a lot of beer, depending on how you mix it).

I decided to write this post after several of my friends here in Peru tried orange beer tonight, and while they were all mocking me at first, they all finished their beers in record time.  Tonight I used Peruvian orange nectar instead of orange juice, and Cristal beer.  Yes, Cristal beer, not the racist champagne brought out of obscurity and now boycotted by American rappers (for being racist).  Check google for more info on how racist Cristal the champagne company is.  Peruvian Cristal is a nice light lager, perfect for making orange beers, and so far I haven't heard anything about them being racist.  Enjoy.

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