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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Red is Amazing!

My boy Big Red is an amazing dog.  One thing he's especially good at it is posing for my camera in outdoor settings.  He'll sit or lay down and stay long enough for me to get a few good shots before he moves on.  For action shots I let him follow his nose in a direction away from the sun while I get my camera set up (switch to servo mode, high frames per second, 1/500 of a second or faster and as small of an aperture as the sunlight will allow).  Then I call him back with some urgency and fire away as he comes running.  The key is getting him to run back to me through an area with good lighting, which usually means sunlight in his eyes to create eye catches.  Larger apertures will reduce the depth of field and leave you with fewer shots in focus.  But sometimes the shallow depth of field is useful to blur out a distracting background.  One last trick that I use for action photos is to move the autofocus point to either the far right or far left (on horizontal shots) so that Big Red is placed in one of the outer thirds of the frame.  This helps create an attractive composition following the rule of thirds and will leave you with creative options for cropping.  Enjoy some of my favorite Big Red photos:

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