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Sunday, February 1, 2015


It’s obvious from these photos that Tracy is a boss!  He crushed this shoot!  It’s a fitting look because he actually is a boss, the owner/CEO of his own company.  I had a great time meeting Tracy, he comes across as very genuine and humble.  I can see why people give him their business.  He’s someone you instantly trust.  I’m glad he’s going to be around Billings to model for us photographers and I look forward to hanging out with him again soon.

Tips for photographers: These portraits were taken during a test shoot for DAME Agency, a local talent agency in Billings.  This was a lesson in the unexpected, as test shoots often are.  I wasn’t expecting to do the shirtless photo, as we were testing for a formal look (hence the tie and sport jacket).  But I had recently photographed a famous athlete with his shirt off wearing a sport coat and I had some of the magazines laying around with similar photos.  So the topic came up and Tracy said he might have the body to pull off the look.  I’ll say!  I wouldn’t have assumed he would be comfortable going shirtless when I first met him, but it ended up being my favorite series from the shoot.  These photos were lit with two lights and one reflector.  Read about the portrait lighting technique on the previous post from this test shoot here.

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