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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I love bridal sessions! It’s so much fun for brides to dress up in their wedding dress before the wedding day! It’s a great time to make sure the entire wedding ensemble fits properly and to do a test run with your wedding photographer and hair and makeup artists. Usually the mother of the bride and a few bridesmaids come along to swoon at the bride’s dress and we always have a lot of fun. In this case we also had a nice trial run through the Moss Mansion, a popular Billings Montana wedding venue. The hard part is that I can’t share the photos until after the wedding! Thankfully Jenna gave me permission to share this photo of her engagement ring! Thanks Jenna!

I am Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger. I love photography and I specialize in dramatic fine art wedding photography that is as epic as your love story. From the mountains to the beaches, I photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes, and in any wedding destination in Montana or beyond. I would be honored to be your wedding photographer. Please contact me through my Montana wedding photographer website www.paulbellinger.com

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