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Monday, May 5, 2014


My wife and I have been very lucky to have her brother Babu come and stay with us for the last few weeks before he heads of to school at USC.  We don’t have any family in Montana so it has been great having some family around and Babu has assisted me for several important photo shoots lately.  Everyone in Billings has shown Babu a lot of love, and I’d say he’s damn near a local celebrity after the #redapple show.  Thanks to everyone for welcoming my brother in law to Montana!

Making photos of my own family was one of my strongest motivations for learning portraiture, so before Babu came I decided I was going to do a portrait study of Babu, if he’d let me. Well, he has been more than willing, we’ve made a ton of portraits together, and we’ve had a fantastic time while doing it.  We’re still shooting, but consider this your exclusive look at things to come.  Thanks Babu!

Tip for photographers:  This photo is lit with two beauty dishes behind Babu at about 45 degree angles. Each beauty dish is flagged on the back side to keep the light from hitting the background.  Each beauty dish is also flagged on the front side to prevent lens flare and to prevent a soft fill from the light bouncing around in my small studio.  Follow me on instagram at www.instagram.com/pjbellinger for behind the scenes photos of the lighting setup.

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