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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Mary Oamek!  Their hand crafted wedding book has been ordered and these are the photos in their spreads.  I can't wait to see their faces when they see their wedding book!  They had a gorgeous Lake Tahoe wedding and a fashion "day after" portrait session in the pristine Tahoe wilderness.  It was awesome!

It is very important to me that all of my wedding clients have printed wedding artwork for their home, including an heirloom quality wedding book that will last for generations to come.  There is no substitute for printed wedding photography to preserve the legacy of your new family.  Printed artwork using archival quality inks and papers will be sure to outlast any computer, disc, drive or cloud you can store your precious images on, and it looks and feels so much better too.  And most importantly, having wedding artwork hanging on your walls, and a hand crafted book on your coffee table, will bring back a tiny bit of the beautiful emotions of your wedding each every time you glance at them.

Montana wedding photography by Billings Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger.  An artistic vision for dramatic fine art photography as unique as your love story.  How do you dream of being photographed?  Contact Billings Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger for any wedding destination.  www.paulbellinger.com

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