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Friday, November 8, 2013


Well I am a Montana wedding and portrait photographer, but I'm originally from Nebraska.  And in Nebraska there is no such thing as too much red!

Jess is a very no-nonsense Nebraska girl.  She’s really cool and she was super nice to me, but she can kill a man with just one look.  I would be very careful to stay on her good side if you ever cross paths with her.

I hand painted this background and when I saw Jess’s awesome red hair, I knew it would be perfect.  It’s a piece of white seamless paper that was starting to get too dirty to use anymore, so I painted it with a roller.  The paper started to warp pretty quickly so you have to paint fast or it can tear easily.  But after drying overnight it turns out pretty cool.  It’s a good way to re-use white paper that would otherwise go for recycling.

This portrait is lit with two lights.  The main light is a large softbox above and camera right of Jess, which you can see clearly in the catchlights in her eyes.  The second is a beauty dish directly above and slightly behind jess to light her hair and to throw a little bit of a vignette on the background.

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