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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Here is a great example of an artist signature edit from Jeff and Mary’s first dance.  As you can see, I did quite a bit of work to this photo to transform it into a work of art.  But what exactly is a signature edit?

The artist signature edit is a unique product that I offer as part of my wedding collections.  Each artist signature edit is delicately crafted for a distinct look, ensuring that your love story is told in a unique voice, and that every couple receives one of a kind artwork for their home.  It is a difficult task to create artwork amidst the chaos of a wedding day, especially while trying to remain unobtrusive.  There are simply too many factors outside of the photographer’s control to capture perfect images straight out of camera, except in the rarest of circumstances.  This is why the artist signature edit is so important.  The signature edit transforms a relatively unprintable photo into a work of art suitable for printing large and hanging on the wall.  Some take hours and even days to fine tune to the artist’s vision, while others can be created in about an hour.  By contrast, a typical color correction takes less than a minute.  With such a large time investment in each artist signature edit, clients receive only a limited number of signature edits with their wedding collection (The black label collection includes 10, and the platinum collection includes 5).  Additional signature edits can be purchased separately, and all wall art purchases include a signature edit as well.

Montana wedding photography by Billings Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger.  An artistic vision for dramatic fine art photography as unique as your love story.  How do you dream of being photographed?  Contact Billings Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger for any wedding destination.  www.paulbellinger.com

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