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Sunday, September 22, 2013


I had an awesome glamour session with Amber and she totally rocked it!  Amber is super nice and bubbly and is always flashing an amazing huge smile.

So she really had to work hard to contain her smile and give me her meanest model look to round out her glamour session, and she nailed it! Of course I love her smiling photos, and there will be many of those to come, but I just think she looks like an absolute beauty model in this one and wanted to show it off.  Thank you Amber!

This photo is lit with a two light beauty technique known as clamshell lighting.  The lights are above and below the models face leaving a small opening to shoot through.  The models face is like the pearl inside the clamshell.  In this case I used two softboxes, but I think the technique traditionally calls for two bounce umbrellas.  You can see the two softboxes clearly in Amber's pretty eyes.  Clamshell lighting is commonly used in beauty portraits to create the look of flawless skin and to show off makeup details.  Because the light is so soft and coming from both above and below, it fills in all of the shadows making for very flattering light for all skin types.

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