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Monday, February 27, 2012


Exhale, Columbia MO

Big Red does not wait to exhale.  He came running up the trail from behind me, huffing and puffing plumes of breath all along the way.  He had just finished romping through the woods after a squirrel and was catching his breath while looking for his next friend to chase.  I already had my camera set up on the tripod taking multiple exposures for an HDR photo of this trail in the morning light.  I was about to ask Big Red to kindly move out of my frame, when he turned to the side and exhaled a perfectly backlit breath.  He stood still enough for a moment to allow me to capture him and his breath at 1/40th of a second.  He's such a good boy!

This is a three exposure HDR.  If you're curious about my field process for HDR photography you can read a little about it in the caption for my previous daily here:

Photo taken Feb 1, 2012

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