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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My favorite photo from our recent trip to India.  This one makes all of the gear and time spent studying portraiture worth while.  This is Nini's grandmother Dadi, and she is too amazing for words.  I'm so happy to have a few good photos of Dadi in my collection now, some from this trip and some from when she visited the states in the fall of 2010.  To me this photo is priceless, and I would gladly pay any price for a photo of my own grandmother just like this one.

I used one light for this portrait, a speedlite in a softbox in front of Dadi and to the camera right, lighting Dadi from just short of a 90 degree angle (maybe 80 or 70 degrees).  I always start with one light, usually a softbox like this, and then add additional background, hair and fill lights or reflectors.  Usually I like the results with one light the best so I make sure to spend a lot of time shooting with one light at the start.

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