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Monday, January 19, 2015


I am very pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of Montana Bride magazine!  This issue includes the fashion editorial that I photographed featuring an exclusive look at a few Spring/Summer 2015 wedding dresses from some of the top bridal fashion designers.  Major thanks to Katalin Green for her styling expertise and for getting us an early look at these beautiful dresses!  As usual, Sydney Ross created the perfect hair and makeup looks.  Thank you to everyone who helped pull off such an awesome shoot in Billings Montana!  I will be sharing more photos from this shoot soon, but for now go check out these two photos that are published in the magazine.  Follow Montana Bride on facebook to discover all of the places you can find a print copy of the magazine, or check out the online version here.

Photographer: Paul Bellinger
Styling: Katalin Green
Hair and makeup: Sydney Ross
Models: Arley Knerr and Braydon Sinclair
Dress: Top, ti adora by Alvina Valenta; Bottom, Theia
Hairpiece: Paris by Debra Moreland
Bowtie: Hitched Bowties
Suspenders: Jess Leather
Wedding band: Montague’s Jewelers 
Men’s Clothing: Jim’s Formal Wear
Stylist assistant: Brett Conner
Photo assistant: Zak Jokela
Location: Top, Billings Open Studio; Bottom, Paul Bellinger Studio

Tips for brides: Go follow Montana Bride on facebook and the publisher on instagram: @katalingreen.  You’ll find daily wedding inspiration from the best wedding vendors in Montana.  Be sure to find a print copy of the magazine too because besides all of the beautiful photos and ideas for your wedding, it also has helpful timeline and budgeting checklists to keep you organized. 

Tips for photographers: The top photo is lit with natural light from the window in the background and a 4x8’ white reflector in front of the models and out of frame to the camera right, bouncing the window light back onto the models.  You can see the catchlight from the reflector in their eyes.  The second photo is lit with a single beauty dish centered a few feet in front of the models and about a foot above their heads.  Again the catchlight in Braydon’s eyes gives away the placement of the light.  

I love being a Montana wedding photographer and doing shoots like these with the amazing level of talent that is available in Montana!  We’re going to keep raising the bar on what people can expect from Montana!  www.paulbellinger.com


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