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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I just found out that Arley won FIRST PLACE in swimwear at the Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency's Northwest Model Competition in Kalispell yesterday!  Congrats Arley!  I am so happy to see your handwork pay off and all of your photographer friends in Billings Montana are proud of you!!!  Keep up the good work!

I always love it when Arley stops by the portrait studio!  She’s a new model with Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency, and still developing her portfolio.  It’s inspiring to be around someone as motivated and hard working as Arley.  We had a quick test session and worked on some fashion and lingerie portraits and Arley just killed it!  I can’t wait to see where her modeling career takes her!

Lighting tips for photographers: These photos are lit with one light, a large silver bounce umbrella directly to Arley’s right and about a foot above her head height.  But just telling you where I placed my light doesn’t help much if you can’t see the light for yourself, so I will describe what it looks like.  You can determine the angle of the umbrella by looking at the angle of the shadow created by her nose.  You can also see that this angle creates nice definition on her abs.  There is also an 8 foot white reflector to her left that is filling in a little bit of the shadow details.  This reflected fill light is most noticeable on the shadow side of her hair where details are still clearly visible and on her left jaw line which is just barely visible thanks to this reflected light.  You have to look close if you want to learn to see the light.

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