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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Montana is a beautiful wedding destination that attracts couples from all around the country.  I feel so lucky to live here with my amazing wife and work in a profession that enables us to explore this beautiful area.  All of these photos are from a recent engagement session adventure to Tofino, British Columbia.  Naturally, my wife and I took the scenic route, exploring Idaho, Washington, the Palouse, the Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Rim National Park Canada, Sea to Sky Highway Canada, Banff National Park Canada, Glacier National Park USA, and we drove up and down Western Montana on two different routes.  We saw bears, bald and golden eagles, elk, mountain goats, a coyote, a fox and birds galore.  We spent some time with our awesome clients, Jenny and Daniel, who took us to some beautiful beaches, canoeing to a tiny lake island, and to two amazing seafood restaurants (and an equally impressive food truck that serves poutine).  I can’t wait for the wedding adventure we’ll have in Big Sky Montana this summer.  We made some beautiful engagement photos right on the Pacific Ocean.  It was a dream week with my wife, who had never been West of Bozeman Montana, had never seen the Pacific Ocean and had never been to Idaho, Washington, or Canada.  I’m so lucky to have a partner like her to explore with!  She’s also the navigator and she watches to make sure bears and mountain lions don’t sneak up behind me while I’m making photos!  So here’s a few photos I’m grateful to have made with her.
We found these snowy foggy trees and pristine pond in Kootenay National Park Canada.  We stopped to read a sign about a mother grizzly and two cubs that were in the area, and that we found soon after. 
It was very refreshing to spend some time in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, but my favorite mountain photo of the trip was this black and white of the Howe Ridge from Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park Montana. 
After being in the mountains for days, it was nice to return to the prairie of Western Montana and be greeted with a beautiful prairie sunset near Judith Gap Montana.

I am Montana wedding photographer Paul Bellinger.  I love photography and I specialize in dramatic fine art wedding photography that is as epic as your love story.  From the mountains to the beaches, I photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes, and in any wedding destination in Montana or beyond.  I would be honored to be your wedding photographer.  Please contact me through my Montana wedding photographer website www.paulbellinger.com

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