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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is the kind of light that follows Kristen and Jake everywhere they go! 
We drove up Looking Glass road to get a snowy view of Lower Two Medicine Lake.  It had snowed on this road earlier in the morning when I was scouting locations and it created the perfect snowy icing on the trees.  Kristen wanted a snowy Christmas tree look, and of course mother nature obliged.  Did I mention they’re the magic couple?!  We had an awesome mountain engagement session in Glacier, and I can’t wait for the mountain wedding in Red Lodge Montana.

Looking Glass road is fun and beautiful.  There is no guard rail, so nervous drivers beware.  The light was amazing, but I needed a second exposure to capture the light rays coming down the valley.  The exposure on Kristen and Jake is 1/500th, f/5.6, ISO 640.  For the sky, I blended in a second exposure which is two stops darker at 1/2000th of a second.  I was shooting handheld using 5 stop exposure bracketing so I wanted a very fast shutter speed so there wouldn’t be much movement between exposures.  There was a little movement nonetheless, but it was easy to line up the layers in photoshop.

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