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Thursday, March 8, 2012


High Water at Mini-Rock Falls, Columbia MO

To get this photo I was standing on rock that had two inches of water flowing over it.  My hiking boots are awesome so my feet stayed totally dry.  Composing photos like this can be physically demanding.  Trying to balance in the middle of the creek, on slippery rocks, hunched over for the low perspective, holding your breath so your glasses don't fog, can really wear on your body.  Once I get everything set and finally stand upright and take a deep breath, I usually experience a moment of dizziness from the blood rushing back to my head!  It would be a lot easier if I just got in the water.  Right now it's a little cold though and in the summer we've seen water moccasins swimming in this area of Grindstone Nature Area.  I prefer cold water over snakes I guess, so maybe I'll get some waders and really get serious with this creek.

This is a single exposure.  I used a circular polarizer reduce the glare and allow the colors to shine through, and a six stop neutral density filter to allow for a long 30 second exposure.  I like to take long exposures on the creeks I come across in town, getting lots of practice for PHOTO ADVENTURES to come.

Photo taken Feb 7, 2012

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